Occupation title source   Grutter
Occupation title (english) Grain Chandler
Hiscode 41030
Description of Image A stout woman, wearing an old-fashioned, broad straw hat, placed her wicker basket containing a pot of mustard on a bench outside the door of a house. She scooped out a large dollop of mustard with a wooden ladle and is about to spoon it into a small bowl held towards her by the customer, a woman standing in the doorway behind the closed bottom half of the door. There is a tall circular-shaped building in the background, with three concentrically-diminishing stories of windows. Mustard seed was ground to a powder with mortars and pestles. The powder was then mixed with vinegar, water, ver...
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Gender Male
Title of the image Grutter
Translation (English) Grain Chandler
Language source Dutch
Country source The Netherlands
Artist's name Jan Luyken
Artist's years and locations 1649-1712
Date of creation 1694
Medium Plate
Collection name Het Menselijk Bedrijf
Provenance Jan Luyken, Afbeelding der Menschelyke Bezigheden [=Spiegel van het Menslyk Bedryf] Amsterdam 1723
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