Occupation title source   Mandemaker
Occupation title (english) Basket weaver
Hiscode 94220
Description of Image In front of ruined brickwork, a man with a yoke lowered diagonally across his back, has placed wicker baskets of large cabbages and carrots on the ground, so two women can examine the vegetables. He holds a large bunch of carrots upright in his left hand, encouraging his customers to look carefully at the vegetables. The woman in the right foreground wearing an apron over her skirt is bent down, with one knee folded under her. She is almost stepping out of her mules, so that she can get a good, close look at the vegetables, including the bunch of carrots in the peddler's hand. The second custo...
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Gender Male
Title of the image Mandemaker
Translation (English) Basket weaver
Language source Dutch
Country source The Netherlands
Artist's name Jan Luyken
Artist's years and locations 1649-1712
Date of creation 1694
Medium Plate
Collection name Het Menselijk Bedrijf
Provenance Jan Luyken, Afbeelding der Menschelyke Bezigheden [=Spiegel van het Menslyk Bedryf] Amsterdam 1743

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