Occupation title source   Verwer
Occupation title (english) Dyer
Hiscode 75622
Description of Image In a rural village, a man with his back to the viewer carries six or seven whisk brooms over his left shoulder. He extends his right arm and offers a hearth brush to a woman who is facing him. She holds another brush in her left hand, while her right hand fingers test out the bristles. Stiff bristled brushes of twigs or trimmed straw were sold by itinerant peddlers. Housewives used brushes regularly to sweep wood and peat ash from their hearths as they prepared the fireplace to cook meals. Fireplaces were occasionally used to take the chill off a room, often a problem in damp, windy Hollan...
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Gender Male
Title of the image Verwer
Translation (English) Dyer
Language source Dutch
Country source The Netherlands
Artist's name Jan Luyken
Artist's years and locations 1649-1712
Date of creation 1694
Medium Plate
Collection name Het Menselijk Bedrijf
Provenance Jan Luyken, Afbeelding der Menschelyke Bezigheden [=Spiegel van het Menslyk Bedryf] Amsterdam 1783

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