Occupation title source   Apiculteur
Occupation title (english) Beekeeper
Hiscode 61290
Description of Image A young woman carries a wicker tray of waffles in her right hand. She wears an apron over her skirt and has a scarf knotted around her shoulders. Her left hand is clenched to her side. Behind her, a small boy eats a waffle, which he holds with both hands. He stands in front of a large building with a columned porch. Behind the waffle vendor, an older woman is seated by an open-air fire, cooking waffles in a waffle iron which she holds over the flames in her portable metal cooking grill. Next to her on the bench is another wicker tray, which she is filling up with cooked waffles. The waffle-ba...
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Gender Male
Title of the image Mouches à Miel
Subtitle Oeconomie rustique
Translation (English) Beekeeping
Language source French
Country source France
Date of creation 1763-1777
Medium Plate
Collection name Diderot
Provenance D. Diderot & J. Le Rond d`Alembert eds, Encyclopédie méthodique. Paris 1763-1777 & 1783-87.
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