Occupation title source   Charbonnier
Occupation title (english) Charcoal Burner
Hiscode 74930
Description of Image A muscular-legged baker wears an apron over his pants; has a soft cap to keep hair from his eyes and to absorb sweat produced from the heat of the oven; and has his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He holds a long-handled wooden baker's peel so he can place two round loaves of bread on the floor of the heated oven. Behind him, at the far right, a bareheaded apprentice boy kneads dough with his bare feet by standing in a wooden bread trough. Baked round loaves of bread are on a wall shelf between the baker and the apprentice. A scale for weighing bread loaves hangs on the back wall. Above t...
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Gender Male
Title of the image Charbon de Bois I
Subtitle Oeconomie rustique
Translation (English) Charcoal
Language source French
Country source France
Date of creation 1763-1777
Medium Plate
Collection name Diderot
Provenance D. Diderot & J. Le Rond d`Alembert eds, Encyclopédie méthodique. Paris 1763-1777 & 1783-87.
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