Occupation title source   Charbonnier
Occupation title (english) Charcoal Burner
Hiscode 74930
Description of Image In a carpenter's shop, a man stands with his arms raised up; he holds a sharp broadaxe. The carpenter is bareheaded, wearing a leather apron, and is exerting a lot of strength. His knees are bent; his back is bent forward at the waist. His legs are spread apart to provide secure footing. His right foot is placed squarely on the large wooden block he is shaping. Chips of cut wood are near his feet. Behind the carpenter, an apprentice or assistant wearing a broad-brimmed hat, planes a plank. His knees are also bent and he leans over his work, using both hands to move the plane. A curl of wood is...
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Gender Male
Title of the image Charbon de Bois II
Subtitle Oeconomie rustique
Translation (English) Charcoal
Language source French
Country source France
Date of creation 1763-1777
Medium Plate
Collection name Diderot
Provenance D. Diderot & J. Le Rond d`Alembert eds, Encyclopédie méthodique. Paris 1763-1777 & 1783-87.
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