Occupation title source   Planteur de coton
Occupation title (english) Cotton Grower
Hiscode 62240
Description of Image A weaver, wearing a soft, brimless cap, sits at his wooden loom. His broad back is much in evidence as he stretches his arms and hands over the loom. A young barefoot boy sits on a low chair near the weaver's loom. He spins thread on a spinning wheel. Weaving was a major enterprise in the 17th century. The Dutch imported raw wool from England and Spain; spun it, wove it, dyed it, fulled it, trimmed it, and sent back finished bolts of fabric to their trading partners or sold the finished woolen fabric domestically.. The honest weaver, working at a loom in his cottage, was considered a symbo...
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Title of the image Coton II
Subtitle Oeconomie rustique
Translation (English) Cotton
Language source French
Country source France
Date of creation 1763-1777
Medium Plate
Collection name Diderot
Provenance D. Diderot & J. Le Rond d`Alembert eds, Encyclopédie méthodique. Paris 1763-1777 & 1783-87.
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