Occupation title source   Pamflettenverkoper
Occupation title (english) Broadsheet seller
Hiscode 45240
Description of Image In the center foreground, a young man with a hat has a wicker display basket filled with printed broadsheets strapped over his right shoulder. He holds a broadsheet in each hand; the paper in his left hand bears the legend, "wat wonders wat nieuwes." Behind him, a younger male companion stands on an overturned wooden tub, reading aloud to a group of assembled villagers standing or seated on the ground. News traveled relatively slowly from town to town in the Netherlands until broadsheets were printed. Before the advent of printed materials, people had to rely on individual letters (which ...
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Gender Male
Title of the image Wat wonders wat nieuwes
Translation (English) What wonders, what news
Language source Dutch
Country source The Netherlands
Artist's name Lenaert Bramer
Artist's years and locations 1596-1674
Date of creation 1659 (circa)
Medium Drawing
Collection name Straatwerken
Provenance Prentenkabinet, Leiden
Collection address University of Leiden
Product 1
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