Occupation title source   Mandemaaker
Occupation title (english) Basket-weaver
Hiscode 94220
Description of Image A basket-weaver wearing a soft cap sits on a box or block of wood in a straw-filled workshop. His legs are outstretched and spread apart to hold a large basket which he is weaving. He uses both hands to weave the wicker. Bundles of osiers are on the shop floor and leaning against the window at the left. A finished basket is on the floor. Two other baskets hang on nails in the wall behind the basket-weaver. A second worker stands behind the basket-weaver. Ms arms are raised and stretched wide to hold the handles of a huge basket balanced on his back and shoulders. Baskets were used for many...
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Gender Male
Title of the image Mandemaaker
Translation (English) Basket-weaver
Language source Dutch
Country source The Netherlands
Artist's name Lenaert Bramer
Artist's years and locations 1596-1674
Date of creation 1659 (circa)
Medium Drawing
Collection name Straatwerken
Provenance Prentenkabinet, Leiden
Collection address University of Leiden
Product 1
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