Occupation title source   Vogelaar
Occupation title (english) Bird seller
Hiscode 45220
Description of Image A bird seller walks in the countryside with a four-tiered birdcage strapped onto his back. He holds the handles of two long birdcages, one in each hand. The top of the cages on his back indicates the birds are for sale. He talks with a young boy at the left who faces him. The boy holds up a smaller cage of birds in his hands. Either the boy is selling his birds to the man, or purchasing some. It is likely that the boy intends to sell them to the bird-seller. Boys often caught small songbirds by liming twigs with glue and placing them in the fields or near the dunes where the migratory birds al...
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Gender Male
Title of the image "Vogel copie; Vogelaar"
Translation (English) Birds for Sale
Language source Dutch
Country source The Netherlands
Artist's name Lenaert Bramer
Artist's years and locations 1596-1674
Date of creation 1659 (circa)
Medium Drawing
Collection name Straatwerken
Provenance Prentenkabinet, Leiden
Collection address University of Leiden
Product 1
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