Occupation title source   Kwakzalver
Occupation title (english) Quack
Hiscode 07990
Description of Image On a town square where an actor, wearing a plumed hat, performs on a raised wooden platform for a crowd of bystanders, a quack offers expensive salves, ointments, medicines, and potions. He wears a broad-brimmed hat, a short jacket with slashed sleeves, wide pants that are close gathered at the knees, and bows tied at the top of his hose. He carries a wicker basket, filled with bottles and jars, strapped across his chest. He holds a large jar in the palm of his right hand and elevates it up above his head. His left hand touches the tops of articles in his display case. His mouth is open as ...
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Gender Male
Title of the image Costeliche salve
Translation (English) Costly Salves
Language source Dutch
Country source The Netherlands
Artist's name Lenaert Bramer
Artist's years and locations 1596-1674
Date of creation 1659 (circa)
Medium Drawing
Collection name Straatwerken
Provenance Prentenkabinet, Leiden
Collection address University of Leiden
Product 1
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