Occupation title source   Pfaffen
Occupation title (english) Priests
Hiscode 14120
Description of Image A cooper stands in the square, with two wide, shallow wooden tubs in front of him. His raised right hand grasps an adze, which he will bring down onto the blunt end of the driver he uses to pound hoops into place around a large barrel. This barrel will probably hold liquid, possibly beer or wine, because a bunghole has been left about a third of the way up for a tap. Slightly behind the cooper, an assistant with barrel hoops wrapped over his right shoulder watches the aproned cooper. Shaped barrel staves are scattered on the ground. Behind the staves, a second man is walking with barrel ...
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Gender Male
Title of the image Pfaffen
Translation (English) Priests
Language source German
Country source Germany
Artist's name Jost Amman
Artist's years and locations 1539-1591
Date of creation 1568
Medium Plate
Collection name Stšndebuch
Provenance Jost Amman's Staende und handwerter mit versen von Hans Sachs. Frankfurt a/M 1568, Reprint Muenchen 1884
Status 52

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