Occupation title source   Muench
Occupation title (english) Monk
Hiscode 14140
Description of Image A cobbler sits on a three-legged stool in the open air. His hat and other objects, including a tool bag, are piled onto the ground near him. He has a strap over his left knee held in place by his left foot. The strap clamps down a shoe he is repairing. He draws a thread through the sole of the shoe using both hands to pull the stitches tight. One repaired shoe lies on the ground in front of him. A second man, wearing a hat, with a cloth bag slung over his shoulder, carries a three-legged stool under his left arm; he passes by and observes the cobbler. He is probably also an itinerant cobbler. ...
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Gender Male
Title of the image Muench
Translation (English) Monk
Language source German
Country source Germany
Artist's name Jost Amman
Artist's years and locations 1539-1591
Date of creation 1568
Medium Plate
Collection name Stšndebuch
Provenance Jost Amman's Staende und handwerter mit versen von Hans Sachs. Frankfurt a/M 1568, Reprint Muenchen 1884
Status 52

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