Occupation title source   Koenig
Occupation title (english) King
Hiscode 20210
Description of Image Two mussel vendors are in a village square. One in the foreground, wearing a crude cap, is seated on the handle of his loaded wheelbarrow, his mouth open to cry out the good quality of his mussels. The second, standing behind the seated man, wears a broad-brimmed hat. He pushes his wheelbarrow, loaded with mussels, along the streets. Mussels were a cheap and common foodstuff in the Netherlands. Gathered along estuary shorelines, they were the poor man's oysters. In cool weather, they kept reasonably well in their shells for a few days without spoiling. They were cheap, plentiful, and delic...
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Gender Male
Title of the image Koenig
Translation (English) King
Language source German
Country source Germany
Artist's name Jost Amman
Artist's years and locations 1539-1591
Date of creation 1568
Medium Plate
Collection name Stšndebuch
Provenance Jost Amman's Staende und handwerter mit versen von Hans Sachs. Frankfurt a/M 1568, Reprint Muenchen 1884
Status 51

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