Occupation title source   Reisser
Occupation title (english) Illuminator
Hiscode 16190
Description of Image A man wearing a broad-brimmed hat sits on a box in a town square holding a rushbottomed chair on his knees. He is repairing the matting on the chair, as is evident by the two bundles of osiers near his feet. Behind him at the far left is a completed chair. He talks to a standing chair-mender who has tucked a bundle of long osiers under his right arm. Raising his left arm and hand, this second man holds three chairs balanced onto his shoulders and over his head. Behind them at the far right is a structure with a thatched roof; a church is in the back- ground to the left. Chair frames were p...
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Gender Male
Title of the image Reisser
Translation (English) Illuminator
Language source German
Country source Germany
Artist's name Jost Amman
Artist's years and locations 1539-1591
Date of creation 1568
Medium Plate
Collection name Stšndebuch
Provenance Jost Amman's Staende und handwerter mit versen von Hans Sachs. Frankfurt a/M 1568, Reprint Muenchen 1884

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