Occupation title source   Buchbinder
Occupation title (english) Bookbinder
Hiscode 92625
Description of Image A young man and small boy walk together in a country setting, shouting out their services. The boy has a tall pole over his right shoulder, and a bundle of twigs under his left arm. On his left shoulder, the young man rests his cleaning pole; he steadies it with his left hand. He holds his twigs under his right arm. Both wear broad-brinuned hats. Fireplace chimneys became clogged with soot after repeated use, and would not draw properly. When smoke did not move up the chimney quickly, fires would not burn brightly or rapidly. Householders would also become irritated with smoke in their ho...
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Gender Male
Title of the image Buchbinder
Translation (English) Bookbinder
Language source German
Country source Germany
Artist's name Jost Amman
Artist's years and locations 1539-1591
Date of creation 1568
Medium Plate
Collection name Stšndebuch
Provenance Jost Amman's Staende und handwerter mit versen von Hans Sachs. Frankfurt a/M 1568, Reprint Muenchen 1884

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