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Here you find occupational titles from various historical documents together with their code. At present there are tens of thousands of titles from a dozen countries and languages around the world ranging from the 17th to the 20th century. The list of titles is continuously growing as titles are coded into the HISCO coding system we use.

You may look for particular titles by searching on a word or part of it (e.g. wood turner or turner), by making a selection (e.g. all English language titles), by sorting alphabetically or by browsing all available title. For each title, more information is available by clicking on the title. Available information includes the number and the name of the group it falls under, a definition of tasks and duties, the provenance of the title or the gender of its bearer. You can click your way in the HISCO-occupational tree to related occupational groups and then down again to occupational titles that fall under it.

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Number   Occupational Title Language Hiscode
3 1e luitenant ingenieurDutch58320
4 1e luitenant kwartiermeesterDutch58320
5 1e schiemansmaat bij de zeemachtDutch58340
6 1e schiemansmaat bij de zeemachtDutch98140
7 1e schiemansmaat bij zeemagtDutch58340
8 1e schiemansmaat bij zeemagtDutch98140
9 1e sciemansmaat bij 's rijks zeemagtDutch58340
10 1e sciemansmaat bij 's rijks zeemagtDutch98140
11 1ste styrmand seilskibNorwegian04230
12 1ºmaquinista (barcos)Portugese98290
13 1ºmotorista (barcos)Portugese98290
14 2den styrmandNorwegian04230
15 2den styrmand seilskibNorwegian04230
16 2e luitenant veldartillerieDutch58320
17 2ºmaquinista (barcos)Portugese98290
18 2ºmotorista (barcos)Portugese98290
19 A la fábricaSpanish99930
20 A la fàbricaCatalan99930
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