Here you find images on the world of work in the past, taken from various books and collections. You may look for a particular images, by typing in the name an occupational title or the name of the maker, or by making a selection and browse through it. For each image, information is available on the title of the occupation, the image and its source, as well as the maker and the date of creation. The occupational group the title falls under is listed as well, as is the gender of the person(s) on the image. More information, such as on the medium, is available by clicking on the image. Via a few clicks you will find images of related occupations. You can also see for which (related) images we have short iconographical essays, describing the image.

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The source of an image or of an accompanying iconographical essay is indicated on the relevant page. If you use it, you should acknowledge sources and authors, and we ask you to refer to this website.

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Item   Hiscode Occupation Title (English) Country Dataset
171220 Stone-cutter The Netherlands Bramer
283110 Blacksmith The Netherlands Bramer
313310 Schoolmaster The Netherlands Bramer
457030 Barber The Netherlands Bramer
595750 Glazier The Netherlands Bramer
692110 Printer The Netherlands Bramer
793110 Painter The Netherlands Bramer
895410 Carpenter The Netherlands Bramer
977610 Baker The Netherlands Bramer
1079510 Needleworkers The Netherlands Bramer

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