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Surveyor, GeneralSurveys earth's surface, natural topography and manmade structures, and underground areas to delineate features and determine exact locations and measurements for such purposes as mapmaking, construction work and mining. Display Titles


Land SurveyorSurveys land surfaces to determine boundaries and exact locations, delineate topographic features and man-made structures and otherwise measure land areas for such purposes as mapmaking and construction work. Display Titles


Mine SurveyorSurveys mines and delineates surface and underground features to control direction and extent of mining. Display Titles


Hydrographic SurveyorSurveys sea, river and lake beds to delineate underwater topographic features for such purposes as chart making, determining navigable channels and planning construction and repair of harbours, piers, breakwaters and other marine structures. Display Titles


PhotogrammetristAnalyses photographs and survey data to prepare and revise topographic maps and charts. Display Titles


Other SurveyorsThis group includes surveyors not elsewhere classified, for example those who specialise in planning and constructing aerial photographic surveys. Display Titles
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