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Civil Engineering Technician, GeneralPerforms technical tasks, normally under direction and supervision of civil engineer or building architect, contributory to planning and execution of building and civil engineering projects, including new construction, repair and maintenance. Display Titles


Quantity SurveyorEstimates quantities and costs of building materials and labour required for execution of construction projects and prepares bills of quantities. Display Titles


Surveyor's TechnicianPerforms technical tasks under direction and supervision of surveyor contributory to execution of surveys and preparation of survey reports. Display Titles


Clerk of WorksRepresents building architect on construction site to ensure compliance with design specifications and maintenance of desired standards of materials and workmanship. Display Titles


Other Civil Engineering TechniciansThis group includes civil engineering technicians not elsewhere classified, for example those who visit different construction sites to make measurements, tests and observations to ensure that work done and materials used conform with specifications, to assist contractor in interpretation of working plans and specifications and arrange deviations from specifications to meet regulations governing construction. Display Titles
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