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Mining Technician, GeneralPerforms technical tasks, normally under direction and supervision of mining engineer, contributory to the extraction of metallic and solid non-metallic minerals from the earth and their preparation for distribution or processing. Display Titles


Petroleum and Natural Gas Extraction TechnicianPerforms technical tasks, normally under direction and supervision of petroleum and natural gas engineer, contributory to the extraction, storage and transportation of petroleum and natural gas. Display Titles


Other Mining TechniciansThis group includes mining technicians not elsewhere classified, for example those who perform tasks similar to those of Mining technicians, general (0-38.10) but specialise in technical tasks contributory to the extraction from mines and quarries of a particular solid mineral such as coal, stone, clay, salt, gravel or diamonds; or to extraction of subsurface water or sulphur and other solid minerals by drilling boreholes; or to extraction of tin, gold, diamonds or other solid minerals from alluvial deposits by sluicing and dredging. Display Titles
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