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Air Transport PilotFlies aircraft transporting passengers, mail or freight. Display Titles


Aircraft Pilot (Transport or Other Purposes)Flies aircraft for transport of passengers, mail, or freight or for other purposes. Display Titles


Aircraft Pilot (except Transport)Pilots aircraft for purposes other than passenger, mail or freight transportation, such as for testing or delivering aircraft, spraying insecticides and fungicides for pest control, aerial surveys, aerial photography, and exhibitions of flying skill. Display Titles


Flight NavigatorDirects course of aircraft in flight according to predetermined flight plan or as directed by pilot-in-command. Display Titles


Flight EngineerMakes pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight inspections, carries out adjustments and minor repairs to ensure safe and efficient operation of aircraft and monitors control panel during flight. Display Titles


Flying InstructorTeaches trainee pilots to operate the controls of an aircraft and instructs them in aircraft piloting techniques and procedures. Display Titles
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