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AgronomistConducts research into field crops and grasses and develops new and improved production methods. Display Titles


HorticulturistConducts research into horticultural crops and develops new and improved production methods. Display Titles


SilviculturistConducts research into, and develops methods of, tree propagation and culture and plans and directs afforestation, care and exploitation of forest stands. Display Titles


Soil ScientistConducts research into characteristics, use capabilities and productivity of soils and applies findings to development of improved agricultural, horticultural and forestry practices. Display Titles


Farming AdviserAdvises farmers on farming methods and problems. Display Titles


Other Agronomists and Related ScientistsThis group includes agronomists and related scientists not elsewhere classified, for example those who investigate conditions and problems, make recommendations and develop improved methods relating to conservation of wild life reserves or economic exploitation of grazing lands. Display Titles
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