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Education Methods AdviserStudies curricula, teaching methods and other educational practices and advises on introduction of improvements. Display Titles


Audio-Visual and Other Teaching Aid SpecialistConducts research into audio-visual and other teaching aids and advises on, plans and organises their introduction in educational establishments. Display Titles


Head TeacherPlans, organises and co-ordinates educational curriculum, activities of teaching staff, and clerical and auxiliary services in a school. Display Titles


School InspectorReviews and examines teachers' work and results achieved in application of curriculum programme of education system. Display Titles


GovernessTeaches children in a private household in which she is also resident. May additionally carry out more general instructional and supervisory duties associated with the care and training of children. Display Titles


Other TeachersThis group includes teachers not elsewhere classified, for example those who teach children remanded to establishments for corrective training; those who specialise in visiting homes to assist schoolchildren who have scholastic, behavioural or personality problems and working out with children, parents and teachers ways for overcoming difficulties; and those performing educational therapy work, in collaboration with rehabilitation teams, for patients in hospitals and clinics. Display Titles
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