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Author, Journalist or Related Writer, Specialisation UnknownMay perform any (but not all) of the occupational tasks listed in unit group 1-59. Display Titles


JournalistCollects, reports and comments on news and current affairs for publication in newspapers and periodicals or broadcasting by radio or television. Display Titles


Editor, Newspapers and PeriodicalsSelects, revises and arranges material for publication in newspapers and periodicals. Display Titles


Sub-Editor, Newspapers and PeriodicalsAssists with editing of newspapers, magazines, trade journals and other publications. Display Titles


ReporterSeeks and reports information of interest to public for publication in newspapers. Display Titles


Radio and Television JournalistCollects reports and comments on news and current affairs for broadcasting over radio or television. Display Titles


Continuity and Script EditorDirects and co-ordinates work of writers preparing programmes, continuity and scripts for motion picture plays and television and radio broadcasts. Display Titles


Book EditorAppraises manuscripts submitted for publication in book form, makes recommendations thereon and edits or supervises editing of the material. Display Titles


Advertising CopywriterWrites advertising copy extolling merits of particular products or services. Display Titles


Public Relations OfficerPlans and conducts public relations programmes on behalf of business or other organisations. Public relations manager is classified in 2-19.90. Display Titles


Publicity WriterSelects, assembles and prepares publicity material about business or other organisations for issue through press, radio, television and other media. Display Titles


Technical WriterDesigns and writes manuals, brochures, handbooks and similar technical publications. Display Titles


Other Authors, Journalists and Related WritersThis group includes journalists and related writers not elsewhere classified, for example those who compile and write material for encyclopaedias; write words for musical works; write scripts for television and radio productions; adapt plays for broadcasting or filming; or specialise in providing extempore commentaries on events of public interest, such as sports meetings, for broadcasting over radio or television. Display Titles
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