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Sculptor, Painter or Related Artist, Specialisation UnknownMay perform any (but not all) of the occupational tasks listed in unit group 1-61. Display Titles


SculptorCreates three-dimensional decorative and representational forms by shaping materials such as wood, stone, clay, marble or metal. Display Titles


Painter, ArtistCreates pictures, abstract designs and similar artistic compositions employing various media and techniques. Display Titles


CartoonistCreates cartoons to depict persons and events, often in caricature. Display Titles


Engraver and Etcher (Artistic)Creates original designs and engraves or etches them on metal, wood or other materials for reproduction. Display Titles


Painting RestorerRestores damaged, soiled and faded paintings. Display Titles


Other Sculptors, Painters and Related ArtistsThis group includes sculptors, painters and related artists not elsewhere classified, for example those who paint miniatures from portraits; create original designs for jewellery; create objets d'art in glass or ceramics; and repair objets d'art using same techniques as employed in their original creation. Display Titles
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