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Commercial Artist or Designer, Specialisation UnknownMay perform any (but not all) of the occupational activities listed in 1-62.20 to 1-62.90. Display Titles


Commercial ArtistCreates and executes illustrations and designs for books, magazines, advertising and similar purposes. Display Titles


Interior Decoration DesignerDesigns interior decoration and plans furnishing of homes, public buildings, ships and other places. Display Titles


Industrial and Commercial Products DesignerCreates designs for industrial and commercial products, harmonising aesthetic considerations with technical and other requirements. Garment patternmaker is classified in 7-94.20 and Shoe patternmaker in 8-02.15. Display Titles


Display ArtistCreates and executes artistic effects for use in show windows and other places of display. Display Titles


Other Commercial Artists and DesignersThis group includes commercial artists and designers not elsewhere classified, for example those designing and painting stage scenery; designing armorial bearings; and tattooing decorative designs on clients' skins. Display Titles
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