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Photographer, GeneralTakes photographs of persons, places, merchandise and other subjects. Display Titles


Portrait PhotographerTakes portrait photographs of persons. Display Titles


Photographer, Commercial IllustratorTakes photographs for commercial and industrial purposes such as advertising and publicity. Display Titles


News PhotographerTakes photographs to illustrate stories and articles for publication in newspapers, magazines and similar journals. Display Titles


Director of Photography (Motion Picture)Plans and directs camera work for making motion pictures. Display Titles


Motion Picture Camera OperatorSets and operates motion picture camera to film scenes. Display Titles


Television Camera OperatorOperates television camera to photograph scenes for broadcasting. Display Titles


Other Photographers and CameramenThis group includes photographers and cameramen not elsewhere classified, for example those who specialise in taking scientific, medical or architectural photographs, photographs to aid the police in crime detection, or aerial photographs. Medical X-ray technician is classified in 0-77.10. Display Titles
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