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ComposerConceives and writes musical compositions.Writers specialising in writing the words of songs and lyrics for musical works are classified in 1-59.90. Display Titles


OrchestratorAdapts or arranges music to suit particular instrumental groups, instruments or occasions. Display Titles


Orchestra and Band ConductorConducts instrumental groups such as orchestras and bands. Display Titles


InstrumentalistPlays one or more musical instruments as soloist, accompanist or member of instrumental group. Display Titles


SingerSings as soloist or member of vocal group. Display Titles


Vocal Group ConductorConducts vocal groups such as choirs and choruses. Display Titles


Other Composers, Musicians and SingersThis group includes composers, musicians and singers not elsewhere classified, for example those who select and arrange programmes of music for stage, film or broadcast productions. Display Titles
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