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SociologistStudies origin, development, structure, social patterns and interrelationships of human society. Display Titles


PsychologistStudies human behaviour and mental processes and investigates, and recommends treatment for, psychological problems in such fields as medicine, education and industry. Display Titles


AnthropologistTraces origin and evolution of man through study of changes in his physical characteristics, cultural and social institutions, and living conditions. Display Titles


GeographerStudies characteristics of man's physical and climatic environment, the distribution of populations and human activities on the earth. Display Titles


HistorianConducts research into one or more phases or aspects of past human activity. Archivist is classified in 1-91.30. Display Titles


Political ScientistConducts research into theory, origin, development, operation and interrelationships of political institutions, movements and behaviour. Display Titles


Other Sociologists, Anthropologists and Related ScientistsThis group includes sociologists, anthropologists and related scientists not elsewhere classified, for example those who trace the genealogical background of particular families. Display Titles
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