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Social Worker, GeneralHelps individuals and families to understand and resolve their personal and social problems. Display Titles


Social Welfare WorkerProvides advice and assistance to individuals and families to promote their social welfare. Display Titles


Culture Centre WorkerOrganises and supervises social, recreational and educational activities in youth clubs, community centres and similar organisations. Display Titles


Social Worker, DelinquencyWorks to prevent development of juvenile delinquency or to achieve social and moral rehabilitation of juvenile and adult delinquents. Display Titles


Psychiatric Social WorkerHelps the mentally ill and maladjusted to submit and respond to psychiatric treatment and to resolve their personal and social problems, and looks after the welfare of the mentally subnormal. Display Titles


Other Social WorkersThis group includes social workers not elsewhere classified, for example those who specialise in the prevention of cruelty to children; helping the physically handicapped, the blind and the deaf to adjust to their disabilities and to cope with any associated personal or social problems; or planning and organising a home-help service for persons unable to cope with the running of their own homes. Display Titles
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