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Patent AgentGives advice concerning patents and assists in preparing applications for patents, or examines applications submitted for registration. Workers concerned solely with the technical aspects of patent work are classified according to their field of technical specialisation. Display Titles


Home EconomistCarries out research in home economics and interprets and applies principles of home management to promote health and welfare of families, to develop new consumer goods and to promote consumption of household goods. Display Titles


Advertising Account ExecutivePlans, directs and co-ordinates production of advertising campaigns for particular clients of an advertising agency. Display Titles


UnderwriterReviews applications for insurance, evaluates risks involved and determines the premiums, maximum extent of cover and other conditions to be attached to insurance policies. Display Titles


Astrologer and Fortune TellerMakes forecasts of future events for particular clients or the general public basing predictions either on the positions of stars and planets at specified times or on characteristics of clients' palms, samples of playing cards drawn at random, or other factors. Performers entertaining audiences by mock interpretations of signs in palms, playing cards, crystal balls or other media and by giving demonstrations of professed powers of mental telepathy are classified in 1-79.90. Display Titles


Other Professional, Technical and Related Workers Not Elsewhere ClassifiedThis group includes other professional, technical and related workers not elsewhere classified, for example those who act as agents for writers in the obtaining and negotiation of contracts for the publication of their works, or arrange contracts for performing artists and take care of their business interests. Display Titles
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