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Research and Development ManagerPlans, organises and controls research and development work, in an industrial enterprise or other establishment, relating to such matters as development of new or improved technical processes, new or improved products and utilisation of different materials, and participates in formulating research policy. Display Titles


Administration ManagerPlans, organises and controls the internal administration of an industrial, commercial or other organisation and participates in formulating the administrative policy of the organisation. Workers sometimes described as "office managers", who are occupied mainly in directly supervising workers in clerical occupations, are classified in unit group 2-21. Display Titles


Budgeting and Accounting ManagerPlans, organises and controls, within powers delegated to him, the financial operations of an industrial, commercial or other organisation and participates in formulating the financial policy of the organisation. Display Titles


Transport Operations ManagersPlans, organises and controls operational activities in road, rail, air or water transport and participates in formulating policies to ensure the efficient handling of freight and passenger traffic and the best use of transport equipment. Railway station managers are classified in 2-22.10. Display Titles


Operations Manager (Postal or Telecommunications Services)Plans, organises and controls operational activities of a postal or telecommunications service and participates in formulating policy concerning operation and development of the service. Postmasters are classified in 2-22.20. Display Titles


Industrial Relations and Personnel ManagerPlans, organises and controls industrial relations and personnel activities of an industrial or commercial undertaking or other organisation and participates in formulating the recruitment, training, wages, safety, welfare and other personnel policies of the undertaking. Display Titles


Other ManagersWorkers in this group plan, organise, direct and control a department within an undertaking, establishment or organisation, such as departments concerned with the following: buying business and other services or supplies and materials for processing and fabrication; warehouse, bond store or cold store services; pipeline services; advertising, public relations and public information services; investment and loans services; or perform other managerial activities not elsewhere classified. Display Titles
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