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Government Executive Official, Specialisation UnknownPuts into effect, according to instructions from administrators, the policy decisions of central, state, provincial or local government and implements laws, rules and administrative regulations; takes decisions on matters arising in the detailed implementation of instructions from administrators, subjects to reference of exceptional or important questions or cases for determination at higher level. Specialisation unknown. Display Titles


Tax CollectorReceives taxes on behalf of local, regional or central administration. May collect duty and impose penalties for contravention of tax regulations. May do so in person or via correspondence. Display Titles


Tax AssessorCalculates the amount of tax to be paid by individuals or businesses, according to various criteria, such as income, property, profits etc. Display Titles


Customs officersChecks persons, vehicles and goods for legal import allowances. May collect duty and impose penalties for contravention of customs regulations. Display Titles


Government Executive Officials not Elsewhere ClassifiedThis group includes government officials not elsewhere classified, such as those who deal with issues such as finance, trade, health, education, social insurance and employment Display Titles
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