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Stenographer-Typist, GeneralRecords various kinds of dictated or other matter in shorthand and makes a transcription in typewritten form. Display Titles


Stenographic SecretaryRecords various kinds of dictated or other matter in shorthand, makes a transcription in typewritten form, and performs certain clerical duties to relieve superior of routine tasks. Display Titles


Verbatim ReporterMakes verbatim records of proceedings by shorthand writing or using a shorthand-writing machine. Display Titles


TypistTranscribes in typewritten form letters, reports, documents, accounts and other material from written or printed sources, from recordings on a dictating machine, or other sources. Display Titles


TeletypistSends and receives messages by means of a teleprinter. Telegrapher is classified in 3-80.40. Display Titles


Other Stenographers, Typists and TeletypistsThis group includes stenographers, typists and teletypists not elsewhere classified, for example those who operate typewriters with removable type of various sizes and styles. Display Titles
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