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Electronic Computer OperatorSets and controls electronic computer to process business, scientific, engineering or other data according to operating instructions. Computer programmer is classified in 0-84.20. Display Titles


Punched-Card Machine OperatorOperates machines in which cards punched with holes representing statistical or other data are sorted into specific groups, or machines which process data from cards into tabulated and recorded form. Card- and tape-punching machine operator is classified in 3-22.20. Display Titles


Other Automatic Data-Processing Machine OperatorsThis group includes automatic data processing machine operators not elsewhere classified, for example those who operate card-to-tape or tape-to-card converting machines; operate optical scanning equipment for transferring mechanically information represented by specially marked characters to punched cards, tape or other documents; or operate other specialised equipment for use in connection with computers such as high speed printing equipment. Display Titles
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