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Transport Conductor, Specialisation UnknownTakes charge of passengers in either trains, or buses, or other public transport vehicles. Display Titles


Railway Passenger Train GuardTakes charge of passenger train during journey. Railway freight train guards are classified in 9-84.20. Display Titles


Sleeping- or Pullman-Car AttendantTakes charge of sleeping car or pullman car on a railway train. Workers on railway dining, buffet and parlour cars whose duties consist wholly or mainly of preparing or serving meals and alcoholic or other refreshments are classified in minor group 5-3. Display Titles


Bus ConductorIssues tickets and supervises safety and comfort of passengers on buses and trams. Display Titles


Other Transport ConductorsThis group includes transport conductors not elsewhere classified, for example those in charge of passengers in cable cars, ferries and hovercraft. Display Titles
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