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Mail Distribution Clerk, Specialisation UnknownMay perform any (but not all) occupational activities described in unit group 3-70. Display Titles


Mail Distribution Clerk, GeneralSorts, records, dispatches and delivers mail, messages and packages to private homes and/or businesses for public or private postal services. Display Titles


Mail Sorting ClerkSorts and dispatches mail according to destination and performs associated duties according to employment in postal or other establishment. Display Titles


PostmanDelivers mail along a regular route to private homes and business establishments after sorting it according to streets and street numbers. Display Titles


MessengerDelivers messages, packages and other items to offices or other commercial premises within an establishment or elsewhere. Display Titles


Other Mail Distribution ClerksThis group includes mail distribution clerks not elsewhere classified, for example those dispatching outgoing mail after calculating required postage and affixing stamps or franking mail in a machine. Display Titles
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