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Telephone or Telegraph Operator, Specialisation UnknownMay perform any (but not all) occupational activities described in unit group 3-80. Display Titles


Telephone Switchboard OperatorOperates a telephone switchboard or a section thereof, dealing with local or long-distance calls. Display Titles


Radio-Telephone Operator (Land-Based)Operates land-based radio telephone equipment to transmit messages to or receive them from ships, aircraft, vehicles, field or other installations. Display Titles


TelegrapherOperates telegraphic equipment to transmit and receive messages by wire or radio. Display Titles


Ship's Radio OfficerOperates radio telegraph and radio telephone equipment on board a ship. Display Titles


Flight Radio OperatorOperates radio equipment aboard aircraft in flight. Display Titles


Other Telephone and Telegraph OperatorsThis group includes telephone and telegraph operators not elsewhere classified, for example those engaged mainly in receiving and transmitting information and messages by telephone. Display Titles
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