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Receptionist, GeneralReceives people coming into an establishment, ascertains their wants and directs them accordingly. Display Titles


Hotel ReceptionistReceives guests at hotels and similar establishments and performs a variety of services for them on arrival, departure and during their stay. Display Titles


Doctor's or Dentist's ReceptionistReceives patient in doctor's or dentist's consulting rooms, makes appointments and keeps records of patients' visits. Dental chairside attendants are classified in 5-99.40. Display Titles


Travel Agency ClerkPrepares itineraries and makes travel and hotel reservations for customers. Workers mainly employed in the routine issuing of travel tickets for cash are classified in 3-31.60. Display Titles


Other Receptionists and Travel Agency ClerksThis group includes receptionists and travel agency clerks not elsewhere classified, for example those who receive air travellers at airport, check their tickets and conduct them to aircraft or customs hall; work at an information desk in a department store and answer customers' inquiries concerning the location of particular goods and other matters. Display Titles
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