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Statistical ClerkCompiles statistical records based on routine or special sources of information. Workers devising and conducting statistical inquiries or evaluating results according to principles of statistical analysis are classified in minor group 0-8. Display Titles


Coding Clerk (Data-Processing)Determines appropriate classifications of items of information and converts data into code form for purposes of data-processing operations. Display Titles


Proof ReaderCompares printers' proofs with original material and marks errors for correction. Display Titles


Office Machine Operator (Reproduction Processes)Operates office machines which reproduce copies of documents by photographic, photo-offset, multigraph or similar means or which print, on forms and envelopes, addresses and similar brief entries from prepared plates. Display Titles


Railway ClerkPerforms a variety of clerical tasks related to railway business. Display Titles


Other ClerksThis group includes clerical workers not elsewhere classified, for example those sorting forms or other documents by hand; making a routine inspection of documents and marking them with identification numbers; addressing circulars and envelopes by hand; operating machines which sort documents for filing or collate sets of pages of reproduced documents. Display Titles
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