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Wholesale Trade SalespersonSells goods in a wholesale establishment to retailers and large-scale consumers. Display Titles


Salesperson, Wholesale or Retail TradeSells goods in a wholesale establishment (4-51.20) or in a shop or similar retail trade establishment (4-51.30). Display Titles


Retail Trade SalespersonSells goods in a shop or similar retail trade establishment. Display Titles


Fashion ModelWears and displays clothing for sale in showrooms and other places in order to demonstrate style and other characteristics. Display Titles


DemonstratorGives demonstrations of articles for sale, in wholesale, retail and industrial establishments, at exhibitions, or in private houses. Display Titles


Other Salesmen, Shop Assistants and DemonstratorsThis group includes salesmen and shop assistants not elsewhere classified, for example those who replenish stocks and assist customers according to written or telephoned requests; conduct and assist customers in their purchasing in a self-service store; those who sell petrol, oil or other motoring requirements in a garage, motor service station or similar establishement to customers. Display Titles
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