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Working Proprietor (Catering, Lodging or Leisure Services), Specialisation UnknownMay perform any (but not all) occupational activities described in unit group 5-10. Display Titles


Working Proprietor (Hotel and Restaurant)Operates a hotel and restaurant or motel on own account or in partnership, to provide accommodation and meals for guests. Display Titles


Working Proprietor (Restaurant)Operates a restaurant on own account or in partnership, to provide food and beverages for guests. Display Titles


Working Proprietor (Guest House)Operates a guest house on own account or in partnership, to provide temporary or permanent accommodation for guests. Display Titles


Working Proprietor (Café, Bar and Snack Bar) Display Titles


Other Working Proprietors (Catering, Lodging and Leisure Services)This group includes working proprietors of catering and lodging services not elsewhere classified, for example those who operate rooming houses which do not supply meals, cafeterias and canteens, caravan parks, golf courses, swimming pools, billiard halls, and fairground rides. Display Titles
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