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Domestic servant, generalCleans rooms, prepares food and serves meals, washes dishes and performs additional domestic duties in private households (5-40.20). May also attend to employer=s personal needs (5-40.30), take care of children (5-40.35), or provide companionship for employer (5-40.40). Display Titles


House servantCleans rooms, prepares food and serves meals, washes dishes and performs additional domestic duties in private households. Workers who perform cleaning and related duties only are classified as Charworker (5-52.20). Workers who clean and service guest room in public establishments are classified as Chambermaid (5-40.50). Display Titles


Personal Maid, ValetAttends to employer's personal needs and keeps wardrobe and personal effects in good order, performing a variety of services. Display Titles


NursemaidTakes care of children and oversees their daily activities. Display Titles


CompanionProvides companionship and various other services for employer. Display Titles


Chambermaid and Room AttendantCleans and services guest rooms in hotels and other lodging establishments. May clean and service public rooms, or rooms in private premises. Display Titles


Hotel ConciergePerforms a variety of tasks for guests in hotels and similar establishments, especially at arrival and departure. Display Titles


Ship's StewardTakes care of general needs and comfort of ship's passengers. May perform some or all of the following tasks: serving meals and drinks; servicing cabins; arranging deck furniture and facilities; running errands; delivering messages. Display Titles


Other Maids and Related Housekeeping Service WorkersThis group includes other maids and related housekeeping service workers not elsewhere classified, for example those who assist in attending children in schools and institutions; take care of needs and comfort of train and bus passengers; render valet and other services to guests and clients of a hotel or other establishments. Display Titles
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