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Other Service Workers Not Elsewhere ClassifiedThis group includes service workers not elsewhere classified, for example those who assist persons at doors of shops, hotels and other establishments; carry hotel guests baggage and run errands for them; take charge of hats and coats in public places; operate passenger lifts; receive patrons at places of entertainment, sporting and other events and conduct them to their seats; cleans and services lavatories and rest rooms; receive check and maintain stock of alcoholic and other beverages in good condition in cellar of licensed establishment; serve as escorts to men and women; dance with partners for a prescribed fee; act as hostesses in bars and other places; pose for paintings, sculptures and other types of art; assist players of games by performing non-playing activities such as carrying golf clubs, setting up pins (skittles) and retrieving balls; paste advertising posters and notices on walls and billboards; exterminate vermin; operate roundabouts and other fairground equipment; collect, care for and feed lost or strayed dogs and other animals. Display Titles
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