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Apiary WorkerPerforms a variety of tasks in the establishment and care of beehives and the extraction of honey. Display Titles


Sericulture WorkerPerforms a variety of tasks in the breeding and raising of silkworms. Display Titles


Tree Tapper (except Rubber)Makes cuts in trunks of certain kinds of trees and gathers exuded gums, resins, or other saps. Display Titles


IrrigatorPerforms a variety of tasks in irrigating agricultural land. Display Titles


GroundsmanMaintains golf courses, race-tracks, cricket, baseball and football fields, tennis courts, and other sports, recreation and park grounds. Display Titles


Peat WorkerExtracts peat from uplands and bogs using a shovel. May lay out stods for drying and storage and prepare them for transportation. Display Titles


Other Agricultural and Animal Husbandry WorkersThis group includes agricultural and animal husbandry workers not elsewhere classified, for example those who mainly perform tasks in breeding and raising frogs, snails, snakes or worms; breeding and raising birds for zoos or for sale as pets; growing mushrooms or spices; or gathering roots, herbs, reeds, osier and other natural forest products. Display Titles
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