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Logger (General)Fells trees, saws them into logs and performs other logging tasks. Display Titles


Tree Feller and BuckerFells trees and saws them into logs, using axe and manual or powered saw, for timber or fire wood. Display Titles


High-Climber (Logging)Trims and tops anchor trees selected for log hauling operations. Display Titles


River DriverLaunches logs into river and guides them downstream to mill or into rafts or booms for further transport. Display Titles


Other LoggersThis group includes loggers not elsewhere classified, for example those who are occupied mainly in operating wood-harvesting machines to fell, branch, cross-cut or bark trees to perform other logging operations; loading logs into chutes, or stacking them preparatory to transport out of forest; shaping rough wooden products from logs, such as railway ties and telephone poles, near felling sites; examining logs and grading them according to quality or measuring them to determine their volume of marketable timber. Display Titles
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