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Fish Farm WorkerPerforms a variety of tasks in the breeding and raising of fish. Display Titles


Oyster Farm WorkerCultivates oysters in specially prepared sea-water beds. Display Titles


Whale HunterWorks as member of whaler crew performing a variety of tasks in catching whales, cutting them up and processing them at sea. Display Titles


Whale or Seal HunterPerforms a variety of tasks in the catching and processing of whales (6-49.40) or seal (6-49.50). Display Titles


Seal HunterPerforms a variety of tasks in the catching, killing and skinning of seals for their pelts. Display Titles


Trapper and HunterTraps and hunts wild animals, wild fowl and other game (except seals) for skins, meat, sale alive or to exterminate them as pests. Display Titles


Other Fishermen, Hunters and Related WorkersThis group includes fishermen, hunters and related workers not elsewhere classified, for example those who specialise in diving to sea bed to gather sponges and harvest pearl oysters; cultivating pearls in oysters; gather sea weed, sea mosses, turtles' eggs, and clams and other molluscs; catching tropical and other fish and sea creatures for aquariums and museums; assisting hunters by building and camouflaging traps and beating to flush game; and protecting and caring for wild animals and birds in game preserves and wild-life sanctuaries. Display Titles
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