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Miner, GeneralExtracts coal or other minerals, such as iron, copper, tin, lead, antimony, jet, gold, silver from underground or surface mines. Display Titles


Quarryman, GeneralExtracts granite, limestone, marble, sandstone, grift or other kinds of stone from quarry. Display Titles


Cutting-Machine Operator (Mine)Sets and operates machine which cuts channels in mine workface. Display Titles


Mining-Machine Operator, Specialisation UnknownSets and operates machine which cuts channels in mine workface (7-11.20), machine which drills holes into mine or quarry workface (7-11.30), or continuous-mining machine (7-11.40). Display Titles


Drilling-Machine Operator (Mine and Quarry)Sets and operates machine which drills holes into mine or quarry workface for blasting. Display Titles


Continuous Mining-Machine OperatorOperates self-propelled continuous-mining machine to mine coal underground. Display Titles


Shot-Firer (Mine and Quarry)Determines positions and force of explosions required, and charges and sets off explosives to dislodge coal, ore, rock or other solid mineral from mine or quarry workface. Display Titles


Underground TimbermanCuts, fits and installs wood or steel props, pillars and arches to support walls and roofs of mines and other underground workings. Display Titles


Sampler (Mine)Collects small amounts of coal or ore from specified locations in mine for laboratory analysis. Display Titles


Other Miners and QuarrymenThis group includes miners and quarrymen not elsewhere classified, for example those who remove wood and steel supports from disused workings; direct high-pressure streams of water against gravel banks to force gravel into sluices from which metalliferous minerals are recovered; cut stone from quarry faces with power driven saws; split sample cores for mineral-bearing rock strata removed from diamond core drills for laboratory analysis; or extract chalk, clay, gravel or sand from open pits. Display Titles
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