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Mineral and Stone Treaters, Specialisation UnknownMay perform any (but not all) of the occupational activities described in unit group 7-12. Display Titles


Stone SplitterDrills holes and drives wedges into quarried stone to break it into slabs or blocks. Display Titles


Mineral-Crushing-Machine OperatorOperates machine which crushes and breaks lumps of mineral (except chemicals) to required size. Display Titles


Mineral-Milling-Machine OperatorOperates ball mill that pulverises stone mineral-bearing ores or coal for further processing. Display Titles


Jig TenderOperates battery of jigs which separate mineral from gangue. Display Titles


Floatation ManOperates floatation machine which separates mineral from gangue. Display Titles


PrecipitatorTends equipment which precipitates gold or silver from cyanide solution onto zinc. Display Titles


Cone Operator (Mine)Tends gravity device (cone) to separate slate and rock from coal. Display Titles


Other Mineral and Stone TreatersThis group includes mineral treaters not elsewhere classified, for example those operating equipment to dissolve gold and silver in cyanide solution to separate it from gangue; removing impurities from minerals by means of running water; operating vibrating and oscillating screens or tables to size or separate minerals; tending machines that compress finely ground minerals or coal into briquettes or pellets; and operating machines which separate minerals by magnetism. Display Titles
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